Johan Yvon, Co-Founder
Johan Yvon, Co-Founder

Early on in his career, Johan was the go-to stop for high end skin care.  Referred by the best dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for treatment of facial anti-aging, anti-acne, peeling, laser and post cosmetic surgery care.

Johan has built a cult following among the professional makeup and skincare community in France.   He started selling his skincare products to his inner circle and the response was too exciting to ignore.  Encouraged by his loyal clients begging him for more creams and serums and gushing about the results,  Johan decided this was his passion and he wanted to share it.   After years in the business, hundreds of photo shoots, weddings, and tutorials, it became clear to him everything he had worked so hard for was right in front of him. And it happened to be in an gorgeous airless pump.

For over 16 years, Johan Yvon has devoted himself to skin care and the science of anti aging skin solution.

He is always eager to deepen his knowledge and his research is continuous.  Of French origin and having lived in North America, Johan has a vision of beauty beyond established standards.

After years of work in collaboration with a Paris laboratory, with rich experience in facial care, Johan has created his Essential Serum formula.