Facing the Facts: 3 Blemish Culprits

There’s so much talk about which products to use once when you have a breakout or how to prevent it with acid based products like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  As you probably know by now, we are firm believers in eating foods that will give you clear and glowing skin from within.  We call it Face Food and it’s part of our holistic approach to getting you your best skin.  Some types of acne react more to surface bacteria, so if you’re doing everything else right and still can’t figure out the sources of your blemishes, these are worth trying!! Either way, these are some pretty dirty objects you will probably want to clean more often for peace of mind!


Even if you’re eating right, using the best products, drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep, there are certain things you might not be aware of that could be causing those pesky breakouts.

We’ve identified 3 things we probably expose ourselves to without realizing how much bacteria we are putting on our faces.  You will probably be doing at least two of these!  


There are very simple solutions to eliminate all these evil sources of bacteria!

Culprit # 1: Dirty towels


Bathrooms are one of the dirtiest rooms in the house already and towels usually collect dirt, oil and bacteria left over after a shower or a long day.  Add a moist environment to the mix, and we have a trifecta of potential breakouts causing bacteria.  Let your towel hang on a hook or in ball for a few days...and it’s probably the last thing you’re going to want to rub on a clean face. Trust us.  


Use the Clean Towel Method.  Aka, use a clean face towel to avoid the bacteria from dirty towels, whether you use them to dry or wash your face.  Also, use a separate towel for your face, hair, and body. If you’re really in a rush and can’t find something to dry your face on allow your face to air dry! You can buy 24 cotton hotel grade washcloths on amazon for a very reasonable price so no excuses!! Check out the ones we buy here

Culprit #2: Using your Cell Phone


It will probably shock you all to know that a cell phone has 18x more harmful bacteria than that handle in a public restroom.  EW! If that doesn’t get you thinking…well we don’t know what will!  A good trick to tell if your phone is causing your breakouts is to pay attention to which side you answer the phone on.  If that side of your face tends to breakout a little more often, it might be a sign!  


Wipe your phone every day with a disinfecting wipes or phone cleaner that zaps bacteria using a UV light system that also charges your phone at the same time!  This will prevent your clean skin from picking up days old bacteria.  Clean face - clean phone.  


Culprit#3: Pillowcases


Your pillowcase gets surprisingly dirty especially with oil from your face and hair.  And unless you sleep like a corpse you probably roll your face in it at least a few times per night!



Change your pillowcases at least three times a week if not more. You can turn your pillowcase inside out every other day.  That will give you six days of clean pillowcases - just enough to last for that weekly laundry!  Buy a couple of packages of 100% cotton  pillow cases and keep them on rotation to ensure you actually get your BEAUTY sleep. 


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