A 2000 Year Old Map to Clear Skin

Let's Face It

So what is face mapping? It's the ancient chinese beauty secret that believes where you're breaking out is a reflection of what's going on in your body.  It’s been used for thousands of years which is reason enough to give this method a chance!  It can help you pinpoint what's causing your breakouts so you can get to the root of your skin problems.  Many times these issues are food and lifestyle related which is why we find this so interesting given our strong belief that your skin is a reflection of what you eat and how you live (hence #FaceFood).  This concept reinforces our holistic approach to helping you get your most glowing skin ever!  See what each zone indicates about your lifestyle from this informative youtube video from a channel we love called Asian Beauty Secrets.  

Get In The Zone

This is one map we are definitely willing to follow.  But how does it work?  Here’s an example: Pimples on your forehead, are directly related to your digestive system, large intestine, liver and bladder.  When you’re eating lots of junk food or you’re not digesting properly, there can be a buildup of toxins which shows up as breakouts in this area.   Eating foods that aid digestion and detoxify such as green tea and antioxidant rich foods (berries) would be one way to tackle blemishes in this region (so the map says)!   Each region of the face will have a different reasoning and solution for imperfections that is related to what’s happening under your skin.  Why not give it a try!? If you notice you get blemishes in a certain area, make some of these suggested changes and watch for differences.   

This article by Byrdie will break it down by zone very clearly with solutions.  

We have plenty of recipes that fulfill a prescription for detoxifying antioxidant rich foods but here’s 5 of our favorites. smoothies! 

The HOLE picture

The reason we focus on a holistic approach to skincare is because everything you put into your body and experience in your life can have an effect on your skin, whether it’s stress or food. However, we focus particularly on food because a lot of these issues can be tackled by eating the right ones.  How is a vegetable supposed to help me with stress or hormones you might ask?  We are complex systems and it’s not as simple as cause and effect.  Rather everything is related.  For example, a lack of sleep might be adding to your stress levels.  There are also foods that can help you regulate acne causing hormone levels, including quinoa, almonds, avocado’s and more.  This amazing article on Prevention explains how these foods and others can help you target this type of breakout.      

We’d love to hear about how it goes and any past experiences you’ve had with this interesting approach to skincare.  Comment below!


Source: http://www.byrdie.com/face-mapping