Let’s get PURSEonal

Our DREAM purse + our on the go beauty essentials.

It’s Saturday and we thought we’d share our dream clutch purse for a night out along with the beauty essentials we take with us!  While we’re imagining a handsome date for this evening we might as well daydream about this vintage Chanel clutch.  This amazing and rare clutch serves a dual purpose.  It is both a fashion statement AND a beauty bar.  What you chose to put into this little gem will have to handle any emergency touch ups throughout the evening, quickly and efficiently.  Our motto is to try and take as little as possible, which is why these are essentials.  No one likes an overloaded purse + you never end up using the extra ‘just in case’ beauty products you stuff into that clutch.  Since when do you run to the bathroom on a date to put on more foundation?!  So we stick to what we need which includes 4 products.  

Our essentials

  • Vintage Chanel ‘Brick’ Pearl clutch (A girl can dream-from Farfetch)

  • A Tide to go: For spills and stains

  • Lipstick + liner

  • A mattefying powder for oily spots

We hope you never have to use the tide to go, but better safe than sorry!  Leave us a comment if you have any purse essentials of your own that we should consider adding to our list! Happy Saturday beautifuls.