Dyson's Hair Dryer will BLOW you away!

It's as cool as it looks!  Dyson, The ‘Apple’ of vacuums, now has a perfectly designed blow dryer.  Yes…it will blow you away and change the industry forever!  

According to The Huffington Post: “The dryer is the result of four years of research and development (and a $100 million investment), and has been tested on over 1,010 miles of real human hair (fun fact: there was a hair extension shortage because of all the testing!) over the course of four years.” It also took 600 prototypes to master the dryer!

Why It's Better

1) Heat Control, Less Damage:

More like a small computer than a styling tool, this blow dryer sends information on the temperature of your hair back to a microprocessor 20 times per second to make sure it doesn’t get too hot and cause long-term damage to your precious strands!  It also has different heat settings to choose from depending on how fast you want to dry your hair.

2) Design: Lighter, Stronger, Quieter

The biggest change comes down to the size of the engine.  The patented Dyson digital V9 motor took years to perfect and is their smallest most powerful and most intelligent motor yet!  What does this mean for us at home?  It allowed them to redesign the shape of a traditional blow dryer, which we all know can be extremely heavy and painful to use for long periods of time.  They were able to place the engine in the handle of the dryer, as opposed to the head of the tool.  This way the nozzle doesn’t have to be as long, meaning it’s easier to hold (lighter) and you can bring it closer to your head.  Also, the vent that your hair may have gotten caught in with old blow dryers, can conveniently be relocated to the end of the handle, away from danger!  It’s also much quieter than other blow dryers!

3) Safe and Smart 

Other genius design elements include their addition of magnetically attachable nozzles (It comes with 3: smoothing, styling concentrator and diffuser).  Amazingly, thanks to Heat Shield technology, Dyson has also made sure these remain a touchable temperature even after use. We definitely appreciate that!

Some features of the Dyson blow Dryer

Some features of the Dyson blow Dryer

When Can You Buy it?

Currently, only a lucky group of individuals have been able to use this gem! With celebrity hair dressers like Jen Atkin’s (Kardashian/Jenner hair stylist) behind them, the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer is gaining fans fast!  Jen also has a really great Snapchat account we follow and recommend!  Want to learn more about the incredible features and technology behind the product? Visit the Dyson Website.   They also have hair styling tips you might love and an Instagram page to follow for updates!

The Dyson Supersonic will be available in Canada as of August 2016.   This high tech blow dryer is definitely not cheap and will retail for $500 (CAD).  

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