Our Favorite Nude Lipsticks

In a class of their own, we consider nude lipsticks as a distinct beauty category.  There are so many shades and textures to chose from and we love how natural they look.  Finding the right shade of nude for everyday wear requires dedication.  We're talking trial and error to the max. Once found, it becomes a carry everywhere essential for every girl.  However, we also love experimenting with different tones.   Sometimes we are in the mood for a plum nude and other times a more beige tone.  We've narrowed down this list to include our current favorites.  We also included a primer we love and a lip liner we use as a lipstick.  Prices range from 9.00 U.S dollars (nyx soft cream-available at drugstores) to 32.00 U.S for Nars.  

Nude Lipstick

List of Products From Left to Right

What's A Lip Primer You Ask?

Your new best friend.  Finding great nudes that don't dry out your lips and reveal all the cracks is a challenge, but we also have a tip for that.   There's an amazing product we found at sephora that you can apply before putting on any lipstick.  It has a minty silicone feeling that primes and fills all the cracks on your lips so that when you apply the lipstick it goes on smoothly.  Even if you exfoliate your lips and use lip balm all the time, some nude still seem to bring out every line. Life saver! It's made by Bite Beauty and you can get it online at Sephora

Please comment bellow if you know of any lipsticks we should try!!  We can't wait to try the new Chanel ones! How about you?