Fashion Trend Alert - Beaded Hand Bags

New trend alert in the handbag world for fall 2019! Beaded bags are everywhere. With a bit of a DIY flare to them, they’ve been popping more and more winning their way into the hearts of the worlds most popular fashionistas. If you don’t know, now you do! Check out some of our favorites below by Brand. For some budget friendly versions, you can always count on Zara!

Susan Alexandra

If you haven’t checked out this adorable brand you must. Hand made in a small NYC apartment, these are unique and adorable. Check out her insta!

Ranging around 500 USD

Ranging around 500 USD




A brand called Shrimps is sure to draw attention and their website/branding is adorable. With very high quality bags, these will set you back about 500 USD or more but they are well made and sure to impress and delight! Check out their website to shop. This bag, named ‘Shelly’ comes with their peony ‘Path of the Gods’ lining and an internal pocket. A ‘must have’ bag this summer with the cutest little Shrimp logo. It’s also available in silver with clear blue flowers and they have various other beaded/embellished bags for you to peruse.



With a more boho vibe than the Shrimp and Susan Alexandra brands above which feel more refined and classic, Rosantica brings a flare to the beaded bag world that we love. This ‘Berenice gold-tone beaded tote’ costs 645 USD. Italian crafted and very luxurious, they tend to design more formal handbags but this one is a bit of a diversion that anyone can appreciate. Stylish doesn’t even begin to capture it. This one - we LOVE. So unique and pretty hard to find we might add. Shop it on Net-a-porter here.