4 Sweet Recipes, One Bento Box

All the baking is done, cookies shipped and baking acutrements put away - for the moment.  We decided to create out own “cookie box” this year.  We went to the dollar store and bought this drawer organizer for $2.75.


Gingerbread: In order to determine how many gingerbread cookies fit in the large compartment we took the cookie cutters and place them in the box.  These four shapes - the snowman, the snowman face, the stocking (placed inside upside down) and the mitten fitted exactly.   In order for the cookies to maintain their shapes we rolled, cut out and then refrigerated for 30 minutes until firm and then baked directly from the fridge.  As you can see it worked perfectly.  We didn’t ice these cookies because this was for my son and he isn’t a big icing fan.  

The Molasses ginger snap cookies, the toffee and the chocolate crinkle cookies were a wonderful compliment to the box (see all recipe links below including gingerbread).  To ship we wrapped the entire box in cellophane - tied it with a huge box and then bubble wrapped it before putting in the box.   We also sent lots of extras.  Upon arrival the box was opened and with 23 family members for dinner that night was almost entirely consumed! (good thing we sent those dozens of extras)  All the recipes can be found on the blog.  Wishing you all a very Happy #2019!