5 of the Best Medium to Full Coverage Foundations for Every Budget

These are a list of out favorite foundations from the least to the fullest coverage.  They are all build-able in the sense that if you add more layers you can create a thicker layer of coverage if that's what you like and or need (depending on the day).   Guerlain is one of our go-to foundations because one layer is light and perfect for summer but stays on and provides perfect medium coverage with SPF.  It's very natural and easy to apply with your fingers. This in contrast with the Dior airbrush foundation (at the bottom of the list), which provides very full coverage (requires serious effort to remove because it will last all night), and should be reserved for a big night out or a special event, like a wedding.  Similarly to the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation (waterproof, sweat-proof, everything proof), these last two do not mess around.  If your looking for something in between, the Maybelline Fit Me foundation is a drugstore brand that provides exceptional value and has quickly become a vlogger favorite amongst beauty experts who can choose from dozens of alternatives.  The Giorgio Armani and is pricier but also has a cult following and will definitely not let you down. Used by celebrities and makeup artists, these are all quality foundations that provide perfect build-able coverage. So buy them all or buy one, because these are all tried and tested.  


Price: USD$ 62.00.  This is the single most useful, life changing, and transformative everyday foundation ever (for a girl looking for maximum return for minimum effort/knowledge of how to properly apply foundation)!  We've talked about it before.  It's the perfect medium coverage, it's light, it has SPF 20, and it doesn't make you break out.  You can apply it with your fingers.  It doesn't absorb to quickly and is perfect on all skin types.  It's glowy and natural and is perfect for any season.  Once you see yourself with this on, you won't want to take it off. PROMISE.  It comes in a tube with an airless pump so you get every last drop.  We don't go anywhere without it. 

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation (for normal-oily)

Price: CAD$ 10.00 for 1 fluid Oz (30 mL).  It also comes in a hydrating version for normal to dry skin. Each has 12 colors, which is a great color selection.  Check out this Vlogger's review and product demo!

Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

Price: CAD$ 68.00 for 1 fluid oz (30 mL).  Pricey but supposedly very worth it! A Kim Kardashian Fav and also often recommended by some well respected beauty vloggers on youtube.  This is one we haven't yet tried but it's next on our list.  We've watched tons of videos and apparently it is velvety and gives you a matte but luminous finish that also works for oily and combo skin with medium build-able coverage.  Watch the video below to see how well it lasts through the day. She gives it a 9/10! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

Price: CAD$ 38.00. A matte finish full coverage foundation that feels light but covers everything and stays matte and perfect all night.  We watched many videos with different skin types and it was most liked by those who tend to get oily because it is quite a dry/matte formula.  If you have oily skin just make sure you set it with a powder.  For the fullest coverage apply with a brush! This also comes in so many shades!!

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

Price: CAD$ 78.00.  Women trust this for their wedding day makeup! That's when you know it's worthy.  It gives you a velvety radiant finish and feels light!  It comes in 11 colors and provides full coverage that lasts. EVERYTIME.  Watch one of our favorite vloggers review it. Suggestion: spray it on a brush and then apply it for fuller coverage and less waste than spraying it all over your face.