The Tom Brady Diet

After watching Tom Brady win his 6th Super Bowl at 41 years old earlier this month, a question on everyone’s mind is, how does he do it?? Brady is notorious for crediting his ability to play against 20-somethings to his nutritionist, Allen Campbell.

Well lucky for us, Campbell has been more than willing to dish the clean-eating secrets to Tom and top model wife Gisele’s eating habits. And if they still look as good as they do - we are ALL EARS.



1. Only organic: Chef Campbell reportedly seeks out the freshest, and only organic ingredients, sometimes grocery shopping twice a day.

2. Low fruit intake: As many keto-dieters will tell you, fruit is full of sugar. Natural sugars, but sugars none the less. Brady is said to endulge in bananas and blueberries, but that’s where the fruit bandwagons ends for him.

3. Anti-inflammatory veggies: While veggies make up 80% of his diet, there are restrictions. Any “nightshade” veggie like tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplant, can cause inflammation, so those are off the cutting board. Our clean eating guide will tell you lots more. Also-you’ll probably love our veggie bowl with tahini sauce.

4. Warm water with lemon: Room temperature drinks are better than ice cold for digestions, so the Bradys step it up a notch having warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

5. Meat: Meat is served occasionally, sticking to only grass-fed organic steaks or lean meats like chicken and salmon the rest of the time.

6. Coconut oil: His chef insists that while he will occasionally season foods with olive oil, he will only cook with coconut oil as it does not convert into trans fats in the body.

7. Snack time: Granola! Try our bars here.

8. Best in bowls: Chef Campbell says he uses Quinoa, brown rice and beans as a base when making vegetable bowls.

9. Gluten-free: Even his kids are said to eat gluten free, using tamari as a replacement for soy sauce when making sushi.

10. Off-limits: Sugar stays off the menu, along with caffeine and dairy. Read our article on why sugar is the enemy for more on this.

11. Tea-time: The athlete says he won’t drink tea, but rather opts for a comforting mug of bone broth.

Overall, Brady credits his nutritionist with creating a diet “rich in nutrients, high in fat, high in protein, and high in calories”, which he says keeps his bones strong and his energy high.

Well it’s not for us on the daily but he seems to be doing something right! Maybe a few tooo many rules. It’s important to let loose and indulge every so often.