Where to Buy Basic T-Shirts

Basic Tees are not so basic to find. Luckily we have a few go to spots but the best advice we have is to buy a 4 or 5 when you find one that fits perfectly and has soft fabric! We tend to opt for white, grey, and black, but lavender is of course our favorite and we like to add a pop of color when the mood strikes! We like crew neck tees that aren’t skin tight. It’s also nice to have a variety of fits, necklines, and lengths. Longer ones, cropped ones, flowy, structured etc. You can always go to James Perse and splurge on a high quality Tee, but these days, we’ve found our go to Tees for a bargain and we’re sharing them!

Life Hacks

  • The thickness of the fabric plays a big role in it will look and where you can where it. If your shopping online, use the zoom feature and watch the videos of models walking in the clothes (often retailers have that now in addition to photos). Observe how the T-shirt moves when it’s on (it will give you a good idea of how stiff / thick the fabric is).

  • Opt for thicker, more structure T-shirts for work. Pair a nice crisp white T with a blazer and jeans.

  • Buy 4 or 5 of the same white T-shirt when you find one that fits perfectly and has soft fabric!

  • Buy longer, looser Tees you can tie into a knot (make it a crop top with high waisted jeans).


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Urban Outfitters



black T 6.99 h and m.jpeg

H & M

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Brandi Melville

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