Our Founders


Working in perfect synergy, each of our cofounders has a creative and analytical side.  Through unlikely circumstances a partnership was born, composed of two unique perspectives.  The result of which is a line of superior products and a blueprint for maintaining the healthiest skin possible.  They believe in integrating skin care, food and lifestyle.

Johan Yvon, Creator & Co-Founder

To me the word anti-aging, implies you have something to reverse. I want to preserve the skin you’re born with and delay the aging process. That’s why we call it timeless beauty.
— Johan Yvon, Co-Founder

Since he was 6 years old,  Johan Yvon has been changing the face of beauty, literally.  With a taste for the finer things in life,  his mother catching him sketching makeup onto covers of magazine likes Vogue and Elle was an ordinary occurrence.  By sixteen, Johan had accumulated a library sized collection of cosmetics and dermatology related books.  After taking a makeup course in Paris, he realized that he had to pursue this passion as a career.  Now after decades of experience in the business, skincare is still what excites him the most.  He explains that his favorite part of the job, is researching and testing new techniques to improve skincare.

Johan left France for a few years in order to open an exclusive spa, l'Institut l'IMAA in Montreal, Canada, where clients were referred by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for post surgery care and treatment with signature anti-aging and anti-acne facials, peels, laser and more.

For over 16 years, Johan Yvon has devoted himself to skin care.  With unparalleled experience and dedication, he has now bundled all this knowledge into one holistic line of skincare products that preserves and nourishes healthy skin.  After building a cult following amongst the professional makeup and skincare community upon his return to France, Johan began selling his skincare products to his inner circle of friends, but the response was too exciting to ignore.  Encouraged by his loyal clients begging him for more creams and serums and loving the results, Johan decided to expand his reach.

As a makeup artist, he always preferred the less is more approach to highlight a woman’s natural beauty.  To him, your skin is a canvas and keeping it healthy requires a structured skincare routine, especially as you age. A perfectionist in all things skincare, Johan truly believes in using the best ingredients to get the best results. With a line of products he has truly perfected, Johan’s skincare is loved by many.

Suzanne Moore, Co-Founder & CEO 

Suzanne was born an entrepreneur.  Working at JP Morgan Securities as a top salesman she always found ways to break the sales paradigm.  She has an unparalleled business sense and backs up every decision with meticulous research.  With a thirst to stay on the cutting edge of today’s fast paced world she is always the first to know the latest trends.  As Richard Branson said "Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. It’s just that not everybody gets the opportunity”.   

When she left the corporate world she started what was at the time, the first executive search firm for part time professional women, called Alterna-track.  This business was born out of her own need, as a single parent, to remain active in the work force while raising her son.  She developed alternative work arrangements for woman on wall Street (at such firms as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns), in law firms (such as Skaaden Arps) and corporations such as Pepsi.  After her son went to boarding school she went back to Wall Street, where she helped grow a boutique equity and bond firm which was ultimately sold to a larger firm.  While working full time Suzanne began pastry and cooking classes at the ICE in NYC and after a few years left to start her own cookie company.  She sold her creations to such NYC notables as Dean and Deluca, and Balducci’s and In Nantucket, MA.  She had an extensive list of clients around the country for whom she baked cookies for private events.  She taught cookie decorating classes at the NYC stores of Williams - Sonoma and helped them develop their signature cookie decorating kit.  When Suzanne started down this path the idea of personalized sugar cookies with elaborate designs was a novelty and today no one could imagine the confection world without them.

Suzanne was a client of Johan’s at his spa in Montreal.  She had been a devotee of Georgette Klinger in NYC, one of the pioneers in skincare, and understood what impeccable skincare protocol was.  It was at this point in Johan’s career that he had begun to develop his own products.  His knowledge of her skin as well as his innovative ideas made her skin glow.  She was disappointed when Johan moved back to France.

In November of 2014 the two reconnected and Suzanne tried some of the new products and formulations that Johan had developed.  True to form the products were extraordinary.  Her amazement and belief in his products was so strong that she saw a business opportunity. 

Thus began their collaboration.  

Over the last year they have expanded the product line to include the Essential Serum, Eye Cream, Day and Night creams.  The Essential Serum has been launched in France and will be available in the U.S. later this year along with the Eye Cream and Day and Night Creams.