Our Serum


Our serum is to your face what a vitamin supplement is to your body: the nourishing boost you need.

A difference you can SEE and FEEL

Johan Yvon’s Age Defying Serum is the ultimate serum and can be used on all skin types and ages.  It improves epidermal texture by infusing the skin with 7 active ingredients that reduce wrinkles, minimize hyper pigmentation, fight off free-radicals, and slow down the aging process.  


Our Pledge

  • Visibly smooth skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Stimulate the production of new collagen.
  • Non comedogenic and oil free.
  • Increase the resistance and proliferation of skin cells.   
  • Repair and protect the skin from cell damage caused by glycation. 
  • Reduce the depth of wrinkles by improving skin elasticity and hydration.
  • Transform the skin to take on a more durable and flexible texture. 
  • Enable skin to maintain hydration more efficiently due to reduced trans-epidermal water loss. 

7 Magical Ingredients

"We researched and analyzed every single ingredient that went into this serum and how they work in tandem to deliver the best results.  There are ingredients that produce short term immediate results that we want and love to see, as well as ingredients that target long term skin health that we need. We thought you might want to learn about them too."
  1. Hyaluronic Acid 1
    • Our serum uses two forms of Hyaluronic Acid.  The more common, which has a higher molecular weight, will help protect skin from external environmental agents (pollution, UVA / UVB rays, smoke), but does not penetrate the skin as effectively as the second form of this ingredient.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid 2
    • A rarer form of Hyaluronic Acid with a lower molecular weight giving it the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin through a unique nano-dispersion technology.  It can improve the appearance of fine lines, promote younger-looking skin, and help create a protective barrier against the elements.  
  3. Peptides
    • These ingredients stimulate collagen synthesis and repair skin to combat signs of aging at the cellular level for long-term results. This ingredient mimics the benefits of retinol and vitamin C. It contributes to the natural recovery of the cellular matrix.
  4. Silanol
    • Silanol (derived from silicon naturally occurring in the epidermis) is a common element that connects, trains, and organizes the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) of the fibres in your skin.  Silicon naturally breaks down with age causing the drooping effect commonly seen.  The effect of this ingredient in clinical tests was a noticeable reduction in the depth of wrinkles and 70% of women tested felt the ingredients’ effect.
  5. Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract
    • Reduces visible signs of fatigue, rings, pockets, dull skin and dark circles. Protects and repairs the skin from damage due to glycation for long-term results.
  6. Silicium
    • Stimulates the production of collagen, epidermal renewal, and acts as a filler, as well as a biological exfoliant, allowing the skin to better absorb all the ingredients. With age, our skin becomes thinner so it was essential that the serum have this ingredient which is responsible for the re-thickening of the skin. The clinical tests for this ingredient showed visible reduction in wrinkles and improved skin texture.
  7. Polysaccharides
    • An anti-wrinkle agent which stimulates cell renewal and prevents the skin from experiencing oxidative stress. It provides an intense and long-lasting moisturizing effect. This ingredient gives the serum a soft and velvety feel, but its power comes from stimulating ‘longevity protein’ cells.

Preserving the High Quality Ingredients    

“All my products are packaged using an airless delivery system.  This was done for several reasons. One of the first things that my clients notice with my products is the obvious lack of any fragrance.  Frequently, companies add fragrances to mask the scent of ingredients.  However, especially for sensitive skin, fragrances can be an irritant, so I don't use them.  Throughout my years of research, I have noticed that companies who use fragrances in their skin care products do so because they have to disguise the scent of bacteria that occurs when products are exposed to air.  In addition, the freshness of ingredients can be compromised when fingers are placed into a product that uses a jar-style delivery system.  Our choice of packaging ensures the ingredients stay as fresh and pure as possible so they can perform the magic I intended them to."
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