I had the pleasure of being one of the people who was able to test Johan Yvon’s Serum Essentiel as part of a clinical study. I’m waiting for the product to launch! My skin has never been more radiant, free of blemishes and (I know this sounds crazy), GLOWING! The serum is gentle to apply, does not have a 30 day ‘get used to this product, so you may breakout at first’ experience. Within mere days, my skin looked healthier than it has in years. Put this on your shopping list. Radiant skin, healthy glow.
— Jane Olson 55 from Cleveland, Ohio.

This is the most amazing skincare line! I’m addicted! Home run!
— Meaghan S. 40 from San Franscico

Right after the first application I had this sensation that my skin was deeply nourished, my face was smoother, and that my wrinkles had been naturally filled. It was an unparalleled level of hydration I have never experienced with any of the other brands I’ve tried. My face was refreshed and rejuvenated. I noticed the results after one week and confirmed them when I was pleasantly surprised by compliments from friends.
— Delphine C. 48 from Bordeaux

The texture is smooth and the skin becomes immediately soft and elastic. Hydration is highly noticeable especially after shaving. Wrinkles and lines are filled and skin stays smooth even after a night’s sleep.
— Gilles 52 from Pessac, France

I guess you could say I waited for this serum for a long time ! A friend told me about it and explained the amazing effects it had on her skin!! So for the last month I’ve been using it day and night and I’m noticing my skin has changed a lot! It blurred the lines I had above my lips and really made a difference smoothing out the smile wrinkles around my eyes ! The texture is so nice and spreads very well. I really love it and look forward trying the day cream!
— Brigitte B. 46 from Bordeaux

I love my Serum, it’s simple: my skin feels so smooth. My make-up glides on and I find myself just wanting to touch my cheeks because they are softer than they have ever been before. I am definitely going to need a second bottle when this one runs out.
— Steph B. 26 from Montreal, Canada