Before we try ANY new skincare products or cosmetics we do some serious research. Beyond just looking for specific product reviews/opinions, we also DISCOVER NEW skincare/beauty tips with these 5 amazing blogs. A lot of the time, the videos/articles actually aren’t brand/product specific. Instead, these are great educational resource to better understand your skincare routine. These also help keep us up to date with new trends. We’re sharing our current top 5 and it’s a mix of personal blogs and curated content from larger websites (we find it’s important to have a balance). If you just follow one persons opinion, you might not get a wide lens view of the macro trends. We hope you love these beauty blogs as much as we do. Use them wisely and form your own opinions about things!

Caroline Hirons

Just SO MUCH USEFUL INFORMATION. Skincare and makeup GODESS. This blog, will literally save you so much time. If you research for hours, watch millions of videos and finally conclude which brand has the best toner….well you will find that Carloline Hirons probably has a blog post specifically on that with the same product recommended. She just cuts through the clutter and has a cult following for a reason. Super honest reviews. She started a youtube channel about a year ago and she already has 163,000 followers. We also love that she’s not one of the only beauty bloggers not in her 20’s. It’s nice to see some diversity. She’s also an internationally qualified facialist trained in over 100+ brands.

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The knob

Soko glam’s blog. In case you live under a rock, Soko Glam is an amazing source for shopping the latest and greatest Korean skincare products but they also explain routines and how products actually work. They are amazing and they coined the term Honey Skin and because we love Korean skincare, this blog is one of our favorites. They also have tons of great videos on youtube.

Here’s how they explain the blog: “In Korea, beauty is everywhere. It’s culturally ingrained in everyday life—you sheet-mask with your friends, get skin-inspired by the latest K-drama, and prowl the shops for the next big breakthrough. We scour Seoul to find the products Korean women are crazy about, test the most popular brands and products, and dig around for the hidden gems. We report back with the best of what’s out there—expert skin care advice, new makeup tutorials, and the products we swear by (whether Soko Glam curates them or not).”

🍯What is "honey skin"?🍯

Honey skin is essentially the next level glow after healthy skin. It’s a huge trend on social media, and is #goals as far as dewy and glowy complexions are concerned. Keep in mind that healthy, normal skin doesn’t mean you can’t see any pores and flawless. Healthy skin means balanced skin, and that can be hard to recognize since every person’s skin is a bit different.

Typically, honey skin entails using a routine with a lot of humectant and toning ingredients. You’re really going for the maximum glow factor.

Read more on The Klog

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A Model Recommends

Ruth Crilly gives you inside information on what works best in the industry and recommends what you must try. Simple to navigate, her beautiful website will serve up the best products, backstage tips, and how-tos. If you are a beauty junkie, A Model Recommends ought to be your dream destination.

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This team of editor is TOP NOTCH. They do the sifting through products for you so they can recommend the best and worst products along with reasons why they do or don’t recommend things. They test out the latest trends, they bust beauty myths, and they give you the down low on ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING beauty related. Your best resource for very high quality all-in-one beauty blog. They also have an amazing instagram with live videos of editors doing their skincare routines!

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You just can’t help but love Renée. She’s a wealth of knowledge and we’ve watch almost all her youtube videos (she has 410,000 followers!). With a slight focus on Korean skincare, she shares amazing very scientific and educational videos about skincare and products. She will review moisturizers and make sure there’s one in there for every skin type. She also shares her our skincare journey as she changes with the seasons and age. We LOVE it/her and you will to. In her own words: “I have been in the beauty and lifestyle space as a buyer, and also in product development, for over a decade. I love curating, and I think of myself as a “Professional Treasure Hunter”. Finding gems in spaces full of repetitiveness is a passion of mine as well as understanding the needs of others; searching for and introducing products that everyone will love.”

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