A Personal Story From Our Founder

A personal story from our founder and master chef Suzanne about how she came to be so health and food focused.  @studiotecmtl #westmountsquare #multiplesclerosis

“I have had two hip replacements in the last seven years and have been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.   Primary Progressive MS affects 15% of the MS population and it is the least progressive of the categories of MS.  In that fact I am very lucky - but a life altering diagnosis does come with its drawbacks.  I now walk with a cane and when I am tired my right foot seems to have a mind of its own, I am incredibly sensitive to heat and humidity, I can’t tolerate any sugar as it causes inflammation, I get spasms in my legs from stress - and a whole bunch of other annoying inconveniences.  Because I was so immobile I gained a ton of weight which only added to my discomfort and lack of mobility.  
I had been to Studiotec (in Westmount Square) before all this but had never been very diligent.  Last March (2016) I decided enough was enough and went on the Atkins diet, started eating ‘clean’ food (which is one of the reasons I am so passionate about healthy and clean eating and hence the blog) and took myself off to Studiotec.  There is a tremendous amount of science and research that has gone into this exercise system.  It was developed in Europe and this studio in the first in North America.  You wear a body suit that has patches in it that conduct electrical impulses which can be tailored to your fitness level.  A session is 20 active minutes and 10 to put the suit on and take it off.  One 20 minute session is the equivalent of 2 hours in the gym. There is no stress on your joints and your muscles are targeted.  And let me tell you you feel your muscles working. 
Last year I went to my MS doctor and he noticed that my exaggerated nerve responses were better and when I explained to him what I had been doing he attributed my improvement to the exercise system.   In the last year my body is straighter, my stability is normal (I used to have to hold on to the counter when I bent down), I can walk up and down the stairs normally, I am able to walk around the house without a cane and the pain associated with MS has diminished noticeably.  You work one on one with a trainer there.  Each session is modified to the client.  There is no such thing as one size fits all.  It is a wonderful replacement for long drawn out workouts if you are time pressed and yes - you do work up a sweat - the great thing is that I see as many men as women in here so it is good for both sexes.  This is also an excellent system if you have experienced a physical issue such as a broken bone, a sprained back or foot, a pulled muscle etc.   If you live in Montreal go try it out - your first session is complimentary.”