Yogurt and Granola Breakfast  

Sounds healthy right?   What could possible be wrong with yogurt?  Yogurt, and fruit yogurt especially, is full of sugar – especially the low fat kind.  The grams of sugar actually go up as the grams of fat go down.  A typical serving of fruit yogurt, which is 6 ounces, has around 20 grams of sugar.  A 4 ounce serving of commercial granola has 29 grams of sugar (and 64 grams of carbs) – so for breakfast you could be consuming 5 grams MORE THAN the recommended daily allowance for sugar for a woman and 5 less than that recommended for men.   


If yogurt and granola are your go to breakfast we like Siggi’s yogurt from Iceland which has between 9-11 grams of sugar and homemade maple nut granola (see recipe here) which we do in batches.  This granola is also a great snack on it’s own.  Much of the commercially made granola is high in sugar and by making it at home you can control the sugar content.  Remember your body processes agave and honey the same way as a white processed sugar – ‘healthy’ sugar is still sugar.  Lastly, don’t be afraid of fat. You just need to understand which fats are healthy and provide long lasting energy (like nuts and avocado).  We actually explain all the health benefits of avocado’s here.  Remember, as always, to read the labels and shop smart! You can add high anti-oxidant fruits in moderation to your breakfast, but try and stick to berries. Try our chia seed parfait if you like chia seed pudding!