Gift Ideas For Dad

Throwing your dad a BBQ for your dad's birthday is always a great idea, but what will you gift him this year to make his day extra special!? Beyond getting him a new tie, a dress shirt, or some scotch, it sometimes feels hard to choose something! After a lot of thought, we are struggling between the below gifts.  Which one do you guys think we should get this year and please share any other suggestions if you have them!

Fitbit versa

Keep your dad in shape and stylish with the fitbit versa. It looks just like the apple watch and does everything a fitbit does and more.  It also stores music so you can run/walk without your phone. 

Lululemon Pullover

This is a great athletic pullover for dads.  He can wear this throughout the day or to workout.  It's comfortable and light while remaining trendy.  If this doesn't do it, check out what else Lululemon has for men (it's pretty great!). 

A New Watch Band

If he already has a watch (fitbit, versa, or other), refresh his look with a new band.  Try a colored leather or metal band. Here are some for the versa. Pictured stainless steel link band is our favourite and goes for 79.95 CAD for the Versa Fitbit.  Or this coach camo leather band for the apple watch which is half off and going for 90 bucks!


Get your dad something from the Kiehl's age defender line of products (designed specifically for men).  This moisturizer is 55$ CAD and you can get it at a Kiehls store or at the bay.  Men need to take care of themselves and get pampered too!  Maybe all he needs is a daughter to gift him his first eye cream to realize how great skincare can be!

Wireless Phone Charger

This Witti designed wireless station for charging both iPhone and Samsung phones is great for all dads.  Now he can text and charge all for 30 dollars on amazon. 

High Tech Wallet

Available for 90 CAD but could save you a lot more than that. This sleek aluminum wallet designed in Denmark, protects your cards from theft, and makes them easily accessible in a tiny case. The Secrid Card Protector protects your vital information held in the chips embedded in credit and ID cards while allowing you to remove just one card at a time.The cardslide adds a little more storage space with a sliding plastic compartment to store cash, a key or that photo you can't leave home without.