How to WINTERIZE your Skincare Routine

As humidity levels drop in the colder months, your skin is the first to feel the consequences. Colder weather brings with it a series of side effects on your skin. Even the oiliest of skins will see the effects, as cold and dry air makes the water in your skin evaporate more quickly than in warmer months, leaving your skin feeling itchy, tight and flakey. SO, what to do? Fear not minions. The good news is, we’ve got a few techniques to LEAVE SCALEY-SKIN TO THE REPTILES THIS WINTER!

1. Winterize your moisturizer

Water-based moisturizers might be great for warmer months, but winter is all about the oil-based moisturizers. If your moisturizer is water based, your skin dries out all over again once the air makes the water from the cream evaporate. Applying a layer of oil-based moisturizer twice a day helps moisture penetrate your pores more efficiently, and will leave your skin feeling soft for longer than its summer, water-based counterpart.

Products we recommend:

  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Best selling classic. Amazing-no fail moisturizer.

  • Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream


2. Get a facial

While dermatologists recommend getting a facial at the beginning of every season change, many will admit that the winter one is the most crucial. When booking with you salon, ask if they offer a “Hydrating Facial”, or an equivalent. Recently, in Montreal, we really like The TEN Spot (they use Dermalogica which is one of our favorites).

3. Exfoliate

For those with extreme skin dryness, dermatologists recommend exfoliating with a simple washcloth rather than a brush. They also suggest toning-down the use of alcohol based products like toner, to avoid drying our your skin even further. Use an aloe vera toner (something with moisturizing and calming qualities).

Products we recommend:

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 7.45.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 7.40.06 PM.png

4. Make humidifiers your best friend

Along with cold dry air, heating systems add a layer of dryness of their own. While necessary, they can be your skins worst enemy in the already dry months. Humidifiers help put the moisture back into the air by dispersing water vapour. We like to have a few around the house, with the bedroom being the most important for while you sleep.

Products we recommend

  • Dyson: More than just a humidifier and the best out there in terms of air purification

  • Mini CoolMist by Vicks


5. Avoid hot showers

We know it’s cold out and hot showers are amazing. But, while nothing heals winter like a hot shower, opting for a warm shower is much better for you skin. The drastic change in temperature is not good for moisture retention, so turning your shower down by a few degrees can help reduce surface skin dehydration. It’s also better for your hair!