Maximizing Kitchen Space

We’ve recently been doing lots of DIY projects and it’s been so gratifying. From tiling in herringbone to making your own custom flower pots, we’ve been keeping very busy and since we’re in a ‘crafty’ mood we thought we would share some space saving tips and tricks to maximize the space you have in your kitchen. A lot of these could also be used for bathrooms as well. In addition to optimizing space we find that these help you keep your cook area cleaner. Every kitchen is different and it’s important that you think about how YOU like to work and move so you can design something thoughtfully that will mesh with your routine. We hope you find something useful in here. These are the latest most useful tips we’ve been using to maintain a ‘clutter-free’ kitchen. We would love to hear tricks you might have as well (comment if you have any)!

Store knives using a magnet

We like to use a magnet to store knives on a wall (space otherwise unused!). Knife sets often come in a wood block, which you could use if you are concerned about safety (young kids around etc..). However, we find most people are trying to save cabinet space for larger appliances and keep counters clear, so this magnetic bar is a great way to optimize that space. In addition, If you are constantly using your knives, having them easily accessible (like in the photo) is nice! Otherwise, you could also place the magnet hidden away on the side of a cabinet (as long as they don’t fall off when you close it.


Store cutting boards and baking trays vertically

Most people end up putting greasy cast irons pans and baking trays one on top of the other in the pull out drawer under their oven. We find this just creates a mess and is a nightmare to sort through when you need the one on the bottom. Instead, find a thin cupboard and stand them upright. This way you can SEE all of them, easily access the one you need, and avoid spreading any grease. You can do the same with your cutting boards and casserole dishes. You can accomplish this by going to the dollar store and getting something like an adjustable curtain rod. You can use these to divide the pans (so they don’t lean against each other.


Hang small items inside a cupboard

The idea here is to save precious drawer space and utilize space we often take for granted or don’t think to use. You can buy some self-adhesive hooks (they can be cute too!) and put them on the inside of a cabinet that makes sense for you. Then simply hang things like measuring cups, spoons, graters etc. Most kitchen tools tend to have a hole at the end of them so you can easily create a small loop with some string to hang things that might not otherwise fit on the hooks. These stainless steal hooks on Amazon are only 13 CAD (for a set of 20). You don’t have to spend a fortunate to upgrade your home and make things more functional.

Tension rods are your friend

Most people tend to have a big area under their sink where they store cleaning products. However, simply placing them on the ground side by side leaves a huge amount of unused vertical space. This very simple trick goes a long way to keep this area organized and clean. This way you can use baskets (also easily purchased at the dollar store) for things like sponges, steel wool, extra dish clothes etc.


Do not underestimate the power of a lazy Susan (turntable)

Honestly, these are so useful. People use them for corner cabinets most often but we’ve found they are great for inside the fridge as well (to avoid have to move every condiment over to get the one at the back). You can get ones that have higher sides as well to avoid spills (see Bed Bath and Beyond). There are so many available for very reasonable prices (ranging from 5-50 at Walmart). They also have so many sizes and designs to choose from. Keep in mind you’ll want something easy to wash for the fridge.