Our 3 Favorite Skincare Brands Right Now

We only introduce you to our favorite brands, so you have the best products at your fingertips and on your face! 


This brand is both simple and complex.  It is the first company to do something different in the skincare world in years.  We love and adore this company because you can build your own custom skincare routine that truly fits your needs but it also satisfies our need to learn about the science behind what we are putting on our face.  Every product has a detailed ingredient description, instructions about application and molecule density and how it might interact with other products. The ordinary sells powerful and effective skincare ingredients individually (like hyaluronic acid, retinol, and matrixyl).  The products they sell are usually buzz words put in bold on packaging and often found in very expensive   products with very little concentration of what counts.  With the Ordinary, you know you are getting the ONLY the ingredient that counts at the lowest cost available.  In some ways, it’s more complex and confusing for someone who doesn’t know much about skincare, but if you are willing to read and learn you can build yourself a great skincare routine.  We absolutely love understanding the science behind skincare so it’s right up our alley!

Favourite product: 2% retinol

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Summer Friday's

This brand is a baby.  It was only launched in March 2018 and I'm sure it will only get more attention and launch more products.  Started by two bloggers (Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me and Lauren Gores Ireland from You & Lu) this brand meets the highest of standards. What we love about this brand is that they really make products that aim to help you looks natural beautiful and be able to go make up free in confidence. All their tips and products help you get glowing, dewy, natural skin.  They have so far only launched with their jet lag mask and it's epic.  More than anything we love their modo: 'We think of skincare like food—it’s got to nourish and delight.'  Their products work fast and give you incredible results! The best part, the prices are reasonable given the high quality! 

Favorite product: Jet lag mask (only product to date)

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Philosophy provides women with a range of paraben-free, nature inspired formulas with the intention of simplifying skincare.  Their philosophy on skin care is simple: cleanse daily, peel weekly and treat the skin with expert formulas, returning the skin to its ideal state.  We’ve always found their products to be extremely gently but EFFECTIVE.  Their cleanser is a cult favorite for a reason.  It's an award-winning, highly effective one-step facial cleanser to tone and hydrate skin.  It has a gel like texture and it really gets all your makeup off without any rough rubbing.  You can also use it on your eyes to remove waterproof makeup and it doesn't sting like some cleansers.  

Favourite product: Purity made simple cleanser