Spring Fashion Trends

Whether you like it or not, these trends are everywhere this season! No matter where you shop, you’ll be seeing them. Our favorite ones are the polka dots and cargo pants! Our least favorite has to be the comeback of Teva velcro sandals….at time worn with socks. Let us know which ones you’ll be trying this spring/summer in the comment section below!

Bold Earrings


Velcro Sandals

Blast from the past. These practical sandals should probably stay at camp in the 90s, but hey - whatever floats your boat!


Bedazzled Hair Clips and Barrettes

They’re back in a big way. Sparkly and holds your hair in place…we like. If Kendall is doing it, it must be cool right? People are going nuts over these clips. Definitely feeling some Blair Waldorf vibes no? Chancel started it and now even Jen Atkins hair guru has a line of hair accessories.


Cargo Pants

Hope you like pockets because they’re everywhere this season. Sporty cargo pants are getting dressed up. With both formal and casual styles, some can be ultra flattering while other fall ultra flat.

Polks Dots

In all colors and sizes! Vintage vibes all around. Reminds us of The Notebook!