Style Boomerang

They say 'everything old is new again' and this is especially true when it comes to fashion. It's almost all been done before and trends tend to cycle in out from generation to generation.  The classics will always be essentials in your wardrobe but sometimes it can be hard to know which trends are worth following and to what degree.  We have a particularly interesting perspective on fashion because one of us is in our 20's and one of us is in our 60's.  So we like to look at trends that work for both age groups and how you can pull off today's styles no matter how old you are (without looking ridiculous).  You are NEVER too old or too young to have fun with fashion.  It's wearable art and it's a way of expressing yourself.  If done right,  getting dressed in the morning should make you feel and look confident. 

When you see a new trend, there are often extreme and subtle versions of it.  We usually find it best to incorporate hints of a trend mixed with the classics.  We also suggest splurging on classics and saving on trends.  Below are some classics we think everyone should have in their closet and can be pulled off at any age as well some current trends

Mix and Match Trends and Classics


  • Button down shirts (Ralph Lauren is still our favorite)
    • Silk
    • Knit Oxford (relaxed)
    • Crisp and fitted
  • A good pair of high waisted blue and black jeans
  • Leather leggings
  • Leather boots
  • Leather motorcycle jacket 
  • Leopard ballet flats (A classic for us) 
  • Cashmere sweaters
  • Jean jackets

Shop Our Suggested Classics: 

Shop Our Suggested Trends: Good Jenes

A pair of jeans that fits properly will make you feel like a million bucks no matter what kind of genes you're working with. The jeans bellow are a great twist on classics that we really think can be pulled off at any age.  The hem of jeans often changes and it's a fun way to freshen your look.  Frayed ends and cropped flared hems are also trends we love to wear during the summer.  We would suggesting pairing any of these 'untraditional' jeans with a classic top (plain V neck-James perse), oxford blouse, or silk button down for a night out.  

A perfect example of trends that have come back recently is flared pants and jeans or 'bell bottoms'. In the 70s people wore extremely flared pants like it was completely normal and until recently flared jeans were considered unfashionable.  Now days, you will notice subtly flared jeans everywhere and we love it!  Modern versions of old trends tend to be more subtle, but some people like to take things too far (we prefer hints). For example, in the 70s you might have worn multicoloured extremely flared pants where as now a pair of classic coloured jeans with a slight flare and a white button down is perfect! With Coachella and various other festivals making a 'woodstock' reminiscent fashion wave, there are plenty of younger people wearing bohemian patterns and flared pants, but for more mature ages we would suggest sticking with less wild colors and a more structure fabric (denim).  Another example of a trend that should be reserved for those in their 20s is crop tops! 

IF you want to DIY and make your OWN pair of bell bottoms we found this amazing blog that teaches you!  It's called the honestly blog and we've always loved their honestly yum instagram but we didn't know they had two other accounts and a blog with great articles!  Click here. 

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How to build an outfit (combining classics and trends)

Example of current trend: Oversized sweaters + bold colors

Often people say 'I love that, but not on me'.   We are here to prove that's not true.  With the right eye and combination of pieces, you can pull off the latest trends no problem! Let's use a current trend of an example here.  We see a lot of bold colors as well as large oversized sweaters.  This is a trend we feel is ok for all as long as you don't go too crazy.  You should look like you are drowning in the sweater.  We also love the trend of pairing bold colors with a simple pair of jeans.  We love yellow for this season, but we wouldn't wear it with a long leopard skirt as pictured on the zara website.  Here is an example of a look that DOES NOT work for both generations.  

We suggest to pair with classic leather leggings (we think it would look great with a brown pant-pictured below), some leopard flats (which to us is a neutral), and a structured cross body bag. When combining colors we chose here to use a pallet that works well together (warm automn tones).  The green and yellow, although not obvious, actually pair very well together and the brown is a nice change from your regular denim or black legging.  It's not always easy to see the whole picture when you see something you love but practice makes perfect and we are here to help! 

zara chucky oversized sweater.jpg

Zara Oversized Sweater

49.99 CAD


Zara Vegan Leggings

45.90 CAD


Zara Crossbody Chain Bag

89.90 CAD