The Best Skincare Advice On Youtube

There are thousands of YouTube accounts that claim to the be skincare experts, offering advice that’s based on personal experience, which is fine, but sometimes what they’re saying is completely wrong and can be damaging for your skin if you don’t know any better. So, it’s important to take anything you hear with a grain of salt and dig deeper once you think you’ve learned something or want to purchase to a product. You should always do you own research. In addition, you should look into what qualifications they have (aesthetician, dermatologist, make up artist etc.). Look up what those things mean and how they might be different. You should also keep in mind that everyones skin is different and that what works for one person might not work for others.

Now that our little disclosure is wrapped up, we do want to say that there are some great accounts out there that we seriously trust and look to for skincare advice and learnings on ingredients, new products, and much more. The great thing is that as you learn more about the rules of skincare, you’ll be able to easily identify when someone DOESN’T know what they are talking about. We still do additional research after watching videos from these accounts, but overall you can trust these YouTubers to guide you on your skincare/beauty journey. We love them all and hope you do too!


Again - so much love for this channel. She talks in depth about ingredients, sub types, misconceptions, how to use them etc. She also tend to bring up a lot of really great Korean skincare products we have ended up loving and that are very affordable. You will inevitable become a skincare guru after watching a few of her videos. Mostly, she tends to review products or start with a skincare concern and discuss how you can address it with certain products. Or she does ‘best of sunscreens’ or ‘best retinols’ etc. Lastly, she does mention some more expensive products when they are worth it, but overall she tends to focus on affordable yet effective products you can buy. She calls herself a skin-thusiast and she’s adorable! We’ve often mentioned her or turned to her for advice when in doubt and you should too!


She has two channels. The Mixed Makeup account we adore. She has dermatologist on and she often dissects peoples skincare routine in 30 min + videos. She also digs deep into ingredients, how they work, what to look for, how active ingredients differ etc. She’s also not afraid to talk about plastic surgery, injectables, botox etc. In addition, she has a series where she reacts to celebrity skincare routines, and she’ll point out the flaws in it! We absolutely love her!! The Susan Yara account is her broader lifestyle page where she talks more about being a mom and anything beyond beauty! She’s a powerhouse who’s worked in the beauty industry for years. She’s very very knowledgable!

Michelle Phan

Obviously, how could we not mention the original YouTube guru. She has alllll sorts of videos but her skincare focused ones (under the playlist ‘Beauty Basics’) are very informative. She covers beauty and skincare with lots of tips and reviews. Actually, Susan Yara just reviewed a video of Michelle’s skincare routine and looks she approved! Fun fact, Michelle recently gave up wearing foundation which we find epic.

The Beauty Breakdown

Again, really great product recommendations backed by explanations. She really has great videos that leave you understanding which products might work for you and why and she also gives options for each type of product depending on your needs. She tends to bring up products we’ve never heard of before as well as methods that are new to us (like fermented skincare and jelly masks).

Caroline Hirons

Skincare industry veteran, Caroline, gets into product reviews and approaches skincare from the angle of a slightly more mature type. Her playlist on ‘empties’ is great as she talks about products she finished and why!