The Only Everyday Foundation You Will Ever Need

Not saying we are never going to try another foundation again because, well, we admit, we are beauty addicts and we would be doing you a disservice by NOT trying as many as we can. BUT, if we had to choose one everyday foundations to live with for the rest of our days we know exactly which one it would be.  


Serum Foundation

6.70 CAD

Light Coverage 

Obviously you need a light foundation in your life that offers you easy application, basic coverage, doesn't clog your pores, looks natural, and lasts all day.  This is your everyday foundation.  Our go to is the sooooo affordable, easy to travel with and put in your purse, and literally feels like there is nothing on your face.  AND the first bottle we got lasted over 6 months even while using it everyday.  It's the Ordinary Serum Foundation! 30mL for 6.70 CAD. 

Our favorite thing about this serum is actually how even when you have dry patches it somehow still looks perfect because it's so light it seems to just smooth everything out. It's really liquid in consistency so we suggest 'splurging' on the 99 cent dropper bottle.  The low price is reflected slightly in the quality of the packaging. The dropper solved that issue for us though. Cautionary tale:  the bottle comes with a press down pump and it's really hard to control how much comes out with it.  Since the product is so liquid-if you press down as you would with any normal pump moisturizer-it will literally go flying across the room and splatter on the ceiling (this happened).  Get the dropper. 

We can't emphasize enough how KEY this product has been for us. Another amazing part about this brand and product is that they have SOOOO many colors (21 to be exact) and you will find your perfect match.  In addition, they have a highlighted version (G=gold highlight, S=silver highlight) in some colors although we much prefer the matte (no added glow) version since we have combination skin.  They even have a helpful swatch on different skin tones to help you choose.  Just love how they break up the color selection by tone (more on that below). We opted for one with yellow undertones to balance out the redness we often get.  You might have to try a few colors or get one for summer and one for winter.  They are now at Sephora too so you can go and try them in store and return whatever doesn't work for you.  Also if you are wondering about SPF, this product is actually approved as having SPF 15 protection, but only in Europe, which as we've said before has must more stringent rules and regulations for products so that's a darn good sign! We add our Dermalogica SPF 50 before this anyways, but in case you were wondering.  

Here's how they explain their shades: "The shades are divided into three categories: 1 for fair to lighter tones, 2 for medium tones; and 3 for darker tones. Each category is then classified further by a second digit from 0 to 3 to indicate depth within each category. Finally, a letter is added to the shade code to identify the undertone: P (Pink) and R (Red) indicate cool undertones for lighter and darker shades respectively; N indicates a Neutral tone; Y indicates a Yellow undertone."

Tip: If you have combination skin just get everything matte and oil free and then add back your 'glow' with a highlight-that way you can control your oily areas and get a dewy look if you like!

Happy shopping! Let us know if you want more info about our favorite foundations or other products from the Ordinary.  Always love to hear feedback on wether you have a good experience with these suggested products!!