Vancouver Breakfast Spot: Fergie's Cafe


Fergie’s cafe is a riverside breakfast and lunch spot that you MUST MUST MUST stop at if you are ever driving from downtown Vancouver to Whistler (or just if you are in Whistler).  It’s backed up on a crystal blue river and magical forest giving it an ambiance you can NOT find in the city.  It’s one of those gems you discover while traveling that you can’t stop recommending.  It’s tucked away, but people definitely know about it, because the wait can be long.  We don’t normally like waiting 30 minutes for breakfast, but this is a case where it was by farrrrr worth it (and they give you an adorable wooden spoon with your number on it).  Not only was this the best breakfast we have EVER had, but the beautiful surroundings, cozy cabin, and picnic tables let everyone peacefully enjoy the space.  We stopped her in the summer, but it must be equally as magical when covered in snow.  The restaurant is part of a small resort where you can stay in a quaint little house/cabin, making this a great romantic getaway as well!  So beautiful in fact, that countless weddings have been held here!  Anyways, back to the delicious smoked salmon breakfast we had... scroll down to find out what we ordered!   

Our pick: The Smoke Salmon Benny

A cult fav. Homemade buttermilk biscuit, smoked salmon lox, poached eggs, avocado, capers, hollandaise and a side of hash. The best money you will ever spend. 

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The full menu. Choose now :)

The full menu. Choose now :)