3 Quick LIP tips for LASTING Color

1) Based On Experience

Made with natural waxes, our velvety finish highly pigmented lipsticks won't dry out your lips.

Start with a good base by putting your foundation ON your lips at the same time you put it on your face.  It acts as a primer and helps your color stay on longer and go on smoother. It also neutralizes your natural lip color. Why is this important?? You know when you watch a youtube video with all the new color swatches and then you try it on and it looks completely different?  Sound familiar right? That’s because everyone’s natural lip color is different.  Some people have pinker lips others have a brownish tinge.  So if you want the exact color of the lipstick you choose, follow this tip.  

2) Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

Line your lips before applying lipstick to stop the color from bleeding and creating those pesky lines.  If you want to make your lips look plumper, overdraw them with a liner one shade darker than the lipstick color.   Subtlety is key, we don't want to go OVERboard (no pun intended).   

3) Liquid Courage

Slurp!  Drink with a straw, if you can find one!  This one’s more of a preventative tip.  Once you’ve gone to the trouble of using our first two tips, you might as well keep your pout perfect.  The straw will prevent any liquid from wearing down your color.  

BONUS TIP:  Exfoliate your lips the night before and put on some lip balm!

Check out our homemade DIY lip scrub recipe. 

These tips are simple, but they go a long way when it comes to keeping your lips perfect all day and all night.  You will save yourself so many touch up trips to the girls room!