Newest Nail Trend: Chrome

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life and we got a double dose with these nails and donut! After three weeks of travelling our nails were in terrible shape.  

In Good Hands

Getting back home to our favorite nail experts at Barbarella was such a relief.  They take such amazing care of your nails by using highest quality products along with talented/experienced/creative aestheticians. They take nail art to a new level (check out their instagram here).  We've never had a gel manicure as flawless and long lasting as the ones from Barbarella.  They truly care about if they're damaging your nails and will go the extra distance to make sure they are healthy (which is really important when you're doing gel nails constantly).  They also keep a little bag with some filing tools in it that only get used on you! Everything is so clean and sanitary which is something to look out for if you're considering going to a cheaper salon.  Barbarella (although not the cheapest option) is worth every cent. Everytime we are forced to go somewhere else for manicures (such as on vacation) it makes us remember what an amazing superior place Barbarella is.  Can you tell we're happy to be back?! 

We asked Jess what the newest nail trend was.  FYI: Jess is a nail genius at Barbarella-check out her insta here for proof.  She said chrome. I said what's that, grabbed my phone and started pulling up pictures.  They've had this new powder for just a week and it's the only place in montreal that has it! It can be placed on top of a gel color to create a metallic finish which glistens and shines differently depending on what color you choose for underneath it.  Basically we struck gold.  It's amazing.  

The Details

Today's nails are a silver chrome on top of a light pink gel called Fairy (looks like fiji from Essie).  We also got something called 'options' which basically adds a little bit of a thicker base to make your nails stronger (since ours we're very thin after travelling).  It's hard to tell from the pictures but the silver does glisten with a subtle pink in the sun!  It's magical and we highly recommend finding a place that can do chrome nails.  More importantly, choose your nail spas wisely!