Fall Tablescape Ideas and Inspiration

We pulled some of our favorite examples of gorgeous table settings and tablescapes from Pinterest to bring you the best fall has to offer.  If you're hosting a fall dinner party and want to wow your guests, here are some great ideas inspired by nature.  For the DIY enthusiasts (unless you have store bought versions of these!). You might need a can of spray paint, some mini pumpkins, and a good eye to eye for spotting perfect leaves and pine cones outside! 

It's so much fun decorating a table to perfection and it can really make a beautiful and delicious meal that much more special.  Plus, you can really let your creative side run wild. Have fun, get the family involved, and share your creations with us! 

Main Style Tips

  • Mini pumpkins as candle holders or flower pots!

  • For a unique look, spray paint pumpkins to match your plates, napkins, or room décor! Or try a neutral like silver or gold to make things more glamorous.

  • Rosemary Accents (on napkins or around candle with a piece of string (this adds a delicious scent as well). 

  • Wooden plate chargers or name card holders

  • Go outside and Gather: Pine Cones, Leaves, sticks as center piece décor.  Place a long strip of fabric (a runner) along the table and create a beautiful array of pumpkins, leaves and pine cones intertwined in candles!  Alternatively: Use a glass bowl or a long box to contain center piece.