Just Peachy Smoothie Bowl

Healthy Ice Cream?!

Smoothie bowls are a healthy and beautiful way to start the day.  This recipe is FaceFood friendly (a term we created for foods that help keep your skin youthful and glowing!).  You can play around with the ingredients and throw almost anything you on top of them.  The trick is to make sure the smoothie part is thick enough to eat with a spoon which can be accomplished by adding things like avocado, greek yoghurt, overnight oats, or bananas.   The end result is an ice cream like treat that's magically healthy and packed with nutrients!  It's also a great way to cool down for the summer.  It's like having a banana/fruit ice cream with crunchy and flavorful toppings (like a blizzard from Dairy Queen but amazing for boosting energy levels and giving you glowing skin!).  Here's the recipe for the one we had recently but feel free to add different fruits and toppings! 


Today's smoothie bowl has a banana, fruit, and yoghurt base.  The simplest base we can suggest is just bananas, almond milk, and cinnamon for taste!

The trick to getting this base creamy is to make sure the fruits are FROZEN! MAXIMIZE FROZEN FRUITS, MINIMIZE LIQUIDS, and have all your toppings sliced and ready!

Just Peachy Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Smoothie Base

  • 2 Frozen Bananas

  • 2 cups of frozen berries (Ours was blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and peaches) 

  • 1/2 cup Almond milk

  • 8 oz of Greek Yoghurt (for protein)

You can add a superfood booster to your base or save it as a topping! 

  • maca powder

  • Protein powder

  • extracts (peppermint, vanilla..)

  • cacao powder

  • matcha green tea

  • hemp seeds or powder

  • chia seeds

  • flax seeds

  • spices (cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric..)


  • Chia seeds

  • Goji berries

  • Blueberries

  • Peaches 

  • Pistachios 

  • Coconut flakes

  • Pumpkin Seeds

  • Options: Banana, Almonds, strawberries (or any fruit), pecans, kiwis, oatmeal, raisins etc.