Beauty Tips for the Lazy Girl

For the very low maintenance girl, sometimes skincare routines can feel burdensome and time consuming.  We enjoy every second of our self care regimes but we are aware that not everyone does or has time to exfoliate their lips and do face masks on the regular.  That being said these tips can be useful for anyone who's crunched for time but still wants to squeeze in some beautification. We have many more of these tips but we will be sharing them as we think of them through out instagram stories. Follow along for more!


1) Lips

  • Exfoliate your lips while you are brushing your teeth. Get one of those toothbrushes with the back rough back side that's for brushing your tongue but doubles as the perfect tool to gently exfoliate your pout! Just move it in circular motions and put some lip balm on when you're done. 
  • Use peppermint oil to plump up your lips

2) Eyes

  • Put medical tape under your eyes while doing eye shadow make up to prevent any mess. The medical tape is soft and comes off easily. 
  • Use your bronzer as a low key eye shadow for an earthy toned no fuss look. 

3) Sticky Bras

  • This doesn't seem skincare related at first but it is! When you use the wrong tape, you will rip your skin off.  So don't go using duct tape as some might suggest. 
  • Need a sticky bras but don't have any with 'stick' left? Buy some nude colored kinesiology tape on amazon and use it like the Kardashians do to hold down the fort!  
  • Buy some silicone nipple covers on Amazon! 

4) One stick wonder


Buy multi-purpose or multi-use products.  These are increasingly popular and Nars has a whole category for it! When it comes to makeup we don't have much patience (compared to skincare) so we adore these types of convenient sticks you can use for everything and just enhance your natural beauty.  It saves times and prevents you from looking overdone.  We have had the 'Multiple' stick from Nars (G-spot shade) for a long time.  You can use it as a lip tint, blush, eye shadow, highlight. 


5) Other (Mascara+Make-up remover)

  • Makeup wipes OBVIOUSLY. We get ours from Costco because not only are they the best but you can buy them in bulk.  The packaging of the Costco (Kirkland brand) wipes is sturdy and actually snaps shut so the rest of the wipes don't dry out.  Don't buy face wipes that have the type of opening that is supposed to just stick shut again (like a mini travel kleenex pack). They never do and it winds up just staying open exposed to the air.  In addition the Costco ones are so moist and so THICK.  Each wipe feels almost like a real face cloth and has just the right amount of texture to really get the grit off your skin while feeling extremely soft and gentle. 
  • Buy mascara that doesn't require intense makeup remover to take off.  You don't have to compromise smudge 'proofness' to accomplish this.  Our go to is the L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara (around 10 dollars CAD) available on Amazon.  It changed our mascara game completely.  It's a two step application (double sided) but it will never smudge, looks very natural, and gives you long and thick looking lashes.  Best of all, you can remove it while you are washing your face or in the shower just by splashing WATER on it and gently pulling the 'tubes' off.  Don't be alarmed-it looks like you've pulled off your lashes as it sheds off your eyes, but it's just the product. Easy peasy and no expensive, burning, oily mascara makeup up remover needed. Just water!