Lip Exfoliators: Do you need one?

Exfoliators, moisturizers, balms…it seems the list of products is endless. If you’re anything like us you want results, and you want them right away. We’ve often talked about how your skin needs to be ready to take on new moisture by exfoliating, and your lips are no different. You have to prime them for success!

Ever notice that you can apply lip balm in the winter until the cows come home, and yet they seem to continue to crack, leading to more and more lip balm being needed? That’s because dead skin builds up, blocking the balm from reaching your drying skin cells. Exfoliating in the morning can help leave you with newer, softer skin to take its place, and leave you ready to apply moisturizer, or colour more smoothly.

For at home remedies, coffee grinds, and nutmeg were our top exfoliators. Mix it with Vaseline to help apply the exfoliant easily. Rub some on with a toothbrush or your finger, then rinse off.

For store bought options, we love L'Occitane's Delicious Lip Scrub in Fabulous Fig. 22 USD. We also love Sephora’s 8 dollar lip/scrub combos + they have delicious scenes and flavors!

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Shop here

Pro tips:

  • A lip exfoliator with peppermint in it can give your lips a temporarily plumped look for some extra pout!

  • Kill two birds with one stone by getting a balm that also exfoliated like these adorable Sephora Balm Scrubs in vanilla bean and peppermint! They also smell amazing and only cost 8 USD.

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